Wallpaper, Backgrounds to add Fun & make using Computer Interesting

By  | Updated January 11th, 2019.

The wallpapers on a desktop helps to define the appearance of the screen and the larger device. Good wallpapers can make using a computer fun and interesting. Poorly chosen wallpaper can become a hindrance especially while at work. Several things should always be considered when choosing different desktop wallpapers.


Image Quality and Resolution

The image quality and resolution of the wallpaper should be considered first. Desktop wallpapers come in many different aspect ratios and resolutions. It is important to choose a resolution that matches the screen where it will be displayed. Images that are too small will be stretched on the screen. This could make them look blurry or unattractive. Images with the wrong aspect ratio will leave solid gutters on the screen. Choosing the right resolution and image quality will ensure the screen looks sharp and interesting.

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Visibility of Text and Icons

Another factor to consider is whether the wallpaper interferes with the visibility of the text and icons on the desktop. Some desktop wallpapers have very intricate designs or abstract patterns that use many different colors. Overly complex designs can actually make it hard to read text on the screen or hard to distinguish icons from the background. This can make using the device difficult. The wallpaper should contain enough areas of solid or gentle colors so that text and icons are clearly visible.

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Personal Interests

One of the largest things to think about when choosing wallpapers is personal interests. Desktop wallpaper is a way to personalize a computer or mobile device. The wallpaper that is chosen should reflect some personal interest, hobby or other attribute that is unique. This could be a love of traveling or an interest in the stars. Choosing an image that matches personal interests will make looking at the screen much more interesting and relaxing during the day. It also sends a message to friends or coworkers. Choosing the right wallpaper is easy today since there are thousands of high-quality images available.

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Anyone who is choosing wallpaper for a computer or device that will be used for several hours each day should think about eyestrain. Eyestrain usually occurs when an image is overly bright or has large combinations of contrasting colors. Desktop wallpaper should be a little muted in order to prevent eyestrain. It can help to examine wallpapers for several minutes before making a choice to ensure the image is not jarring or too bright.

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