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Minions Wallpaper for iPhone, Desktop Backgrounds in HD

By  | Updated January 11th, 2019.

Minions Wallpaper : Despicable Me Movie Minions Wallpaper for iPhone, Mobiles, Tablets and Desktop Backgrounds. We have handpicked the best Wallpapers of Minions from HD Resolution to Minimal Arts. choose which fits perfectly on your device display screens.

Pictures of Minions

Most individuals indulge in binge-watching when they are free specifically on weekends.

And the number one go to for a happy weekend is mostly a great animated movie.

This is because animated movies have started to take over the world of entertainment with a bang due to the overloaded bundle of puns and jokes delivered in the movies.

Back in 2010, Despicable Me hatched a new set of animated series which was highly anticipated by individuals of all ages.

The Minions were the main characters that stood out and managed to make every single person in the cinema giggle during the movie. Not only do Minions have a strong fan base but they also tend to be on the wallpaper of every phone and computer out there.


Minions wallpaper vary from being laugh-out-loud hilarious to just a single minion showing off his/her skill as the most exquisite character.

The small yellow creatures and their impulsive and naïve habits are portrayed in the minions wallpaper backgrounds which when set as the background of gadget, can make it look funky and exciting.

Minions Wallpapers

So here are all the facts and information that you should know about the favorite minion character in your Minions wallpaper.

Dave- The Lead Character

This two eyed minion happens to be the lead character specifically in the Despicable Me 2 movie. He loves ice-cream, playing video games and saving the day with his genius mind. The best Minion wallpaper featuring Dave happens to be the one in which he fires a rocket launcher into the sky out of excitement.

Minions Fact:

In Despicable Me, Dave’s teeth were slightly crooked but in the second part, they are aligned to some extent. Moreover, there are only 4 natural hairstyles for Minions in the movie.


This two eyed minion happens to be loved by all because of his signature “Whaaaaaat??” dialogue in the movie after Edith blames him in front of Gru when they all get caught playing. He loves hanging out with Stuart and has spiky hair.

Minions Fact:

The one-eyed minions are usually short and have only three fingers.


Stuart happens to be the one-eyed minion who is Jerry’s best friend and loves playing video games. The Minions wallpaper backgrounds featuring Dave and Stuart includes Dave with his tongue protruded out and Stuart acting nonchalant.

Minions Fact:

All the Tall minions have the same haircuts in the movie and they can speak a mixture of Spanish, Italian, French, and English along with Russian and Korean language.

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