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Cool iPhone Wallpaper Backgrounds for iPhone 6,7,8 Home and Lock Screens

By  | Updated February 22nd, 2019.

iPhone Wallpaper and iPhone Backgrounds : Why It’s All the Craze About.

The wallpaper may seem like a frivolous and silly item to have on your iPhone, but just like other whimsical things in life, it does make things look prettier and gives the owner something to smile about each and every day. It is an evolution that was bound to happen; given that people normally can’t stand the idea of having a gadget that looked exactly like everyone else’s. Of the millions of iPhones that are sold and bought each year, holding one in your hand in a public place makes you look like a cast of thousands. Not unless, of course, you have personalized your iPhone by adding external designs such as stickers, casings, tattoos, and many others.

The customization process started with that, and was followed by personalized ringtones and alerts. Again, the reason for this is that should someone receive a call or a message alert, he should be able to distinguish the sound of his or her own iPhone from the rest. The phone later on allowed ring tones to be personalized to the level of individual callers, letting a person know who or which group is calling. For example, there is a separate ring tone for family, schoolmates, organizations, and so on and so forth.

It is but natural that people want to make their iPhones even more customized. Just like computers and laptops, these apple devices can have wallpapers. Wallpapers are different from screen savers because they do not just appear when the device is idle. The wallpaper is something that is constantly on display and is the first thing that a person would see when he looks at his phone. After swiping or logging in, the same wallpaper can be seen, but it can also be replaced with a different one. This means that an iPhone owner can have more than one wallpaper on his phone. This adds to the fun of being an iPhone owner, and also allows people to be more creative and artistic; since you can upload your own doodles and sketches and turn them into your wallpaper. Yes, you can. So the possibilities are virtually endless!

What are the Common iPhone Wallpaper, Backgrounds?

With the different tastes and preferences of iPhone owners, the range of wallpapers that are available is truly vast. The most basic ones include simple background colors, with no images. Others are more elaborate, with wallpapers coming in themes – the elements, science, celebrities, movies, and so on. Sometimes, the wallpapers come with matching icons and graphics to tie the entire look together. And, as mentioned earlier, photos and personalized images are also used as wallpapers for iPhones.

For couples, lovely snapshots of a romantic getaway or their wedding day. For parents, pictures of their kids; or a photo of a hand-drawn card or drawing which they consider precious. It can really be anything. You may ask why people would do this? It’s basically because they want to be able to see something truly special to them amid all the technology and fast-paced way of life. Think about it, for a busy corporate man, a wallpaper of his kids is enough to keep him grounded and remind him of who he is working really hard for. It may take just a few seconds, but upon seeing his family’s photo from his iPhone wallpaper, he may pause and smile. This brief interlude from frantic calls and business meetings may be all the inspiration he needs to get through the day. This is also another reason why Bible verses and inspirational quotes are also considered as popular themes for a wallpaper.

Adding Wallpapers on iPhone background is Considered Cool

The number of available iPhone wallpaper, backgrounds grows at a staggering rate every single day. There are different wallpapers that you can choose from in order to make your iPhone more eye-catching and personalized. There’s one for every style preference, taste, and interest. For example, people who love art can download paintings of their favorite artist, such as Vincent Van Gogh’s Starry Night. For people who like celebrities or TV shows, a wallpaper of the Big Bang Theory Cast or The Justice League is one of the countless options. The bottom line is, there is a wallpaper for every person’s need. And, it is easy to find and add to your iPhone.

The iPhone, which is now considered almost as an extra appendage or limb, is one of the modern technical marvels of this generation. It has replaced the PDA, the organizer, calendar, beeper and other gadgets in terms of functionality and usefulness. The fact that it is connected to the internet and allows people to access their favorite sites and social media networks has made this device indispensable in the lives of ordinary folk.

The wallpaper is the image that is displayed at the front of the iPhone. Normally, it has a white background (depending on your iPhone model), and looks bare except for the front menu of your phone. A lot of iPhone users say that the simple act of changing their wallpaper makes them appreciate their phone a lot more – it becomes less of a gadget and more of a personal belonging that forms an integral part of their day. Most people use their phone as their alarm clock, stopwatch, voice recorder, secretary, navigation system and many more. Also, as mentioned earlier, having a personalized wall paper enables a person to know which one is his in a sea of iPhones.

A wallpaper can make any iPhone more attractive and pleasing to look at, especially since people do spend a whole lot of hours staring at the small console. If this applies to you, might as well enjoy what you’re looking at. So people normally add photos of a sunrise, the beach, Paris or other exciting destinations that they love or would like to see some time in the future. It doesn’t really take a lot of effort to change a wall paper. All you need to do is download a photo or image and click set as wallpaper in the options tab.

Alternatively, you can upload any image of your choice and do the same. You can select it from your gallery or album and choose to make that picture your wall paper. The good thing about the iPhone is that it is so advanced; it automatically resizes any image to fit its screen. This saves the owner time and effort because he will no longer have to edit the image to make it fit. Don’t you just hate it when you upload a photo and it’s not centered? You won’t have this problem with an iPhone wallpaper.

What Would You Consider a Good iPhone Wallpaper?

The million dollar question now is, what makes a good iPhone wallpaper or wallpapers? Apparently, there’s no fixed answer because people ultimately vote for what is appealing and pleasing to them. What they can agree on, however, are the things that they think DO NOT make for a good iPhone wallpaper.

Here are few:

1. The Top is Cut Off

This is a common complaint among new iPhone users who are so excited to change their wallpapers. Most of the time, they download an image, save it to their computer, and then upload it on to the iPhone. But to their horror, they find that the top portion of the image (usually someone’s head) is cut off. Definitely disappointing, but this should not be a cause for alarm. It is easy to remedy this situation, you can manipulate the image by dragging it to the center. You can also zoom in and zoom out to focus on the part of the image that you would like to show.

2. The Bottom Part is Not Showing

In some instances, instead of the head, it’s the bottom part that does not appear in the screen. In case of movie posters, it is often the title that gets affected by this. Sometimes, the lower part of the image is covered by the “slide to unlock” command that we often see on the iPhone. This happens when the template for the wallpaper did not take the iPhone template in consideration. You see, some websites offer templates and wallpapers but they are not exactly configured for iPhone users. For best results, experts suggest that the size be adjusted to 320 x 480 when downloading or uploading a photo to be used as an iPhone wallpaper.

For those who love tinkering with photos using photoshop or other image editing software, it will be easy to create wallpapers with maximum effect. The top and bottom parts of the image can be blurred with a nice tool and this will make the image appear more focused. Also, this will place the main picture between the iPhone’s overlaid controls.

3. Blurred Photos

This is real bothersome, since the main reason for iPhone wallpapers, backgrounds is to have something lovely to look at during the day. Blurred or unclear images are often a result of the wrong resolution – mostly too low. Interestingly, the ideal resolution for iPhone wallpapers is 300 dpi. This property is easily seen in photos by right clicking it. With this in mind, all you need to do is check the resolution of the photos that you will be downloading or uploading. Alternatively, you can set your camera to a higher resolution so that when you take a photo, you won’t have problems with the resolution when it is selected as a wallpaper.

The good news though is that most sites which allow downloads for iPhone wallpapers, backgrounds already use high resolution images. You can use the search box to look for the kind of photo you want and it will offer you a wide selection of photos and graphics related to the keyword or theme that you are looking for.

There are plenty of criteria on what makes great iPhone wallpapers, but one of the major answers is that it should be a reflection of the owner’s personality. It should showcase your style and choices, so make it count! The beauty of these wallpapers is that you can change them anytime you want. If you also miss an old one, you can just search for the photo and select it as your wallpaper again.

Where Do You Get iPhone Wallpaper, Backgrounds?

It’s literally everywhere! You can turn any photo, graphic, or image into your iPhone wallpapers with ease and comfort. Most people just snap a photo and immediately set it as their wallpaper. It can be changed in just a few seconds, as fast as it can be uploaded or downloaded.

Most people take advantage of the superior camera quality of the iPhone; especially models that have retina display. The images and colors are crisp and life-like, making them ideal for wallpapers or backgrounds. Nature, people, events, and places are the common subjects.

Another source of wallpapers is from others. Let’s say you had a selfie taken by your best friend and you want to use that image as your iPhone wallpaper. Your friend can transfer the photo via Bluetooth or send it via social media. You just need to download the image, select it, and turn it into your wallpaper. Should you encounter problems with resolution or centering, you can follow the hacks mentioned above to adjust the image.

Finally, there are sites which offer free downloads of iPhone wallpaper, backgrounds. These sites are uploading hundreds of new themes every single day and they allow any user to access it for free. Remember the tips mentioned earlier when downloading images. Be sure to check the resolution first before you download to avoid getting blurred, hazy, or out of focus wallpapers. You can check out different websites and download several pictures and just keep them in a folder or gallery.

This way, when the mood strikes, you can easily change your wallpaper to go with whatever mood you are in. By the way, while it is free and legal to download iPhone wallpapers, it is also important that you do this from reputable websites. Bear in mind that these sites should not ask for your personal details, especially financial information. It would be okay to give them your first name and email address since some of them do offer updates when new themes and pictures are uploaded online. But if the site asks for too much info, better log out and go somewhere else for good iPhone wallpapers.

It is also noteworthy that wallpapers are not limited to the iPhone. Apart from the phone, other apple products can also be customized with wallpapers. This include the iPod, the iPad, iMac and the Macbooks.

Iphone wallpapers are here to stay, and more and more people are appreciating them by the minute. It breaks the monotony of looking at a blank screen for the good part of the day; and also allows people to reconnect with the people most important to them. In this day and age where technology seems to be running our lives, it is refreshing to know that something as simple as an iPhone wallpaper can touch a person’s heart and remind him of what really matters in life. Family, friends, nature, and faith still counts.

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