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By  | Updated January 11th, 2019.

How to choose unique Cool Pictures for your Desktop, iPhone, Android Phones and Tablet Screen Backgrounds.

Every desktop, computer, laptop, mobile deserves a series of awesome and cool wallpaper background.

A cool picture and background doesn’t only add dynamic color and something to look at in an otherwise boring blank space, it also conveys personality, character and makes your system especially unique.

It might even do as much as inspire you or keep you motivated. Here are some great tips when choosing cool pictures and amazing cool wallpaper background for your desktop screens.

Abstract Colorful Cool Wallpapers

Feature a Cherished Memory

Nothing brings a heartwarming smile more than a cherished precious memory.

Go through cool picture banks and cool wallpaper albums in your computer that you would have collected and saved on your Pc hard disk.

Look through Facebook timelines and your Instagram account. Look for an image that best represent a happy and joyous time in your life.

Afterwards, do some touch ups, make it brighter and use it as your desktop or mobile screen wallpaper. We’re certain that this will bring a smile to your face every single time you boot up your desktop.

Axent Wear Cat Ear Headphones Cool Picture

Feature One of Your Cool Favorite Quotes

There are quotes taken from film, music, literature or philosophy that particularly resonates with us. Whether this is because it reinforces our life’s purpose, or it inspires, or it calls attention to the path that we should take does not matter.

What’s important is that we always read it. This then makes it a good idea for a cool wallpaper background for desktop, mobiles home and lock screens.

Open Adobe Photoshop or MS Office Paint. Type the quote up. Put it on some nice cool colorful backdrop. Use a font that you like and save it as a PNG or JPEG image.

Afterwards, take that cool image and make it as your cool wallpaper background for your desktop, iphone, smart phone and tablets screens.

Basketball HD Wallpapers Cool Desktop Photos Widescreen

Choose a Compelling Cool Photograph

There are cool pictures and photographs that just captures the ecstatic beauty of the world we live in.

There are thousands of images, pictures and photos that have captured the natural beauty of the Earth, the greatest or most harrowing moments in history, the idyllic slices of everyday life and even the mysteries of the sky or of the ocean.

These striking cool images can be set as a cool wallpaper background on your desktop, computer, android phone screens. This way, you’ll always have something awe-inspiring to look at every time you close your window.

Cool Backgrounds

Choose an Inspiring and Coolest Artwork

If cool pictures and photographs are not your think, then artworks might be up your alley. Go online and look through the works of the great masters, like Van Gogh, Picasso, Lattrec, Matisse, Duchamp and Raphael.

If classical art is not your thing, head on over to sites like Tumblr, DeviantArt, Behance and even Instagram. Go through the hundreds of artworks published by the many young artists of the contemporary era.

Pick out your favorites. Afterwards, download them and choose them and just set the cool image, artwork or photo as your desktop, smart phone or tablet screen wallpaper.

Cool Black Backgrounds

Find a Cool Photo that Makes Your Relaxed

Often, we use our laptops for things that heighten and elevate our stress levels.

Most days, laptops are used for work, for typing, for working on spreadsheets, for PowerPoint presentations, for HTML coding and for everything else in between.

It would be great if you could have cool pictures that just soothes you and makes you feel a bit relaxed while in the midst of all the work.

Look for a serene picture of the sea, or of a majestic forest, or of large and extensive mountains, or even of the stars. This is certainly a good break from all of your tasks.

Cool Blue Abstract Wallpapers

Make Yourself a Message

Sometimes, we need a little bit of push to motivate ourselves to work and finish our tasks. Using a harsh command as a cool wallpaper might just do the trick in reminding you that you have to stop procrastinating, sit up, buckle up, concentrate and focus on the work you should be completing.

Cool Wallpapers of Lamborghini Car

Arrange Your Desktop Files Around a Cool Picture

One of the wittiest things being done now is that some people are actually incorporating their desktop files to their backgrounds for a funnier wallpaper.

Some are categorizing the files under a dump truck or having a monster eat the files they don’t want to ever touch. See what you can do, test your imagination, and create a unique and fun cool wallpaper background.

Cool Desktop Backgrounds

Now that you already have your cool pictures wallpapers collected, here are some tips to ensure that your cool pictures look the best on your desktops, computer and smart phone screen display backgrounds as wallpapers:

1. Make sure you use cool background wallpaper with a large size. Often, most people just download the images without thinking of the file size. Small files makes the wallpaper look pixelated, making it look unappealing. Keep the quality of the picture and images in mind while downloading.

2. Always choose the best layout for your screen background. Don’t just go for the stretched one. See if a tiled one, a fit one or a centered one looks best for your desktop.

3. Get the correct resolution cool background wallpaper. Make sure that images you’re going to use completely complies with the dimensions of your screen. This information is readily available in the internet. Research your model, find the correct size and look for something that is compatible with that.

4. Don’t forget to rearrange your desktop files. These files may obstruct the view of your cool wallpaper background. It may even block some of the more beautiful aspects of your cool images. Make sure to drag and organize your files accordingly.

5. If your files are a bit hard to organize, just keep them in a single folder and hide it at the bottom right of your desktop screen.

6. You might also try to resize your icons so it looks smaller. This will complement your wallpaper even more.

7. Try to change your wallpaper every couple of week or so by downloading cool wallpapers from around the web or create one for your own using Photoshop. That ensures you won’t get bored with your image.

8. Use the shuffle feature of your operating system. This way, you’ll be able to see multiple cool wallpaper background and images as you get through your work.

9. Keep a lot of pictures that are cool stored up in your hard drive. You may never know when you’ll want to change it to something new.

10. Make sure your cool background wallpaper is appropriate to your surroundings. You don’t want an offensive one to be seen at your office or workplace, right?

Cool Pictures Wallpaper of Dog

Cool pictures are only a small benefit of owning a personal computer, but they do make your work space a bit more appealing.

Follow our guide to get cool background wallpaper all year round and keep your desktop, mobiles and tablets screens fresh.

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Hope you all now got an idea on how to choose the best and amazing cool pictures for your electronic device screen displays. download best cool pictures for desktops and smart phones and make your device screens more colorful and awesome.

Download and use only creative cool background images that enhances your computer and mobile device screens.